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Pope Francis & The Vatican

POPE FRANCIS and THE VATICAN [Protestantism/Anglicans and the 'American Evangelists' both black and white included] written 2012.

Portrait of the myth, the man the dogma?

 The obsession these old men of the Vatican like Pope Francis have with the crucified figure of an overtly muscular, very healthy, white Anglo-Saxon male, naked and bloody on a cross speaks volumes for a Church and a Religion that at its heart is disturbing and ultimately very negative.

         A beautiful image it maybe, but it is also hideous at the same time. An image that appeals to two of the worst aspects of the human psyche, both narcissism & cruelty in order to assuage some ancient, appeasement based on guilt to the gods that rule over us from heaven above. Thereby sacrificing someone, or something as way of investing the sacrificed with some kind of fake sense of redemption and spirituality by being sacrificed. After-all the whole Jesus thing is little more than the Prometheus myth retold. And even before the Greek god Prometheus there was the Egyptian god Pheonix, with similar mythology. It’s obvious the early Jesus cults were well researched and pretty enterprising too for that matter. And who gets to play this sacrificed Jesus character one has to ask?

          -No doubt some poor bastard who's either been unwittingly, ceremoniously slung into an anachronistic cauldron run by spiritual fakes, or more likely some poor unbeknown sod who has rather been shanghaied against his/her own free-will into playing the modern returned 'Jesus figure' for the 20th and 21st centuries...because if such a person had have been asked up front no doubt there would have been a case of outright refusal to obey the instigators of all of this self-serving nonsense and great and higher purposes/commands.

         It can surely be guaranteed that the sort of righteous folk who like this kind of thing are on an intellectual level very shallow people indeed. Mindlessly shallow as well as being rather pretentious in appearing to be without even a shadow of the materialist?

      The same sort of people who think so many of these supposed iconic celebrity’s & rocks stars are really very, deep, meaningful, souls and not just preppy, nepotistic sociopath’s who often as not come these days with two and three generations of familial or insider career networks that make their not inconsiderable talents largely worthless without the attachment of their much more talented forbearers names behind their curriculum vitas.

    The ‘one’ little thing they all have in common is the desire for a resurgent Christian ideal, as in a white mythological returned jesus figure to be denoted as ‘the one.’ Their jesus will be white and plainly suited to the securing of their own racial and hereditary status long into the future. Most behind this whole conspiracy and it is a conspiracy, are essentially upper-middle class white racists including many of the blacks people who dare to go along with this agenda.

        Again the type of folk inured to this sort of thing are usually from pretty, upper-middle class backgrounds which explains the rosy-eyed world view and somewhat idealistic nature they tend towards others esp., those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. They're most definitely not from low or working class backgrounds that can be guaranteed!  And rarely is the sacrificial victim a nice, well educated, upper-middle class rich kid, it would have to of course be generally and stereotypically someone of low economic means with little familial backup who is seen to be and considered disposable enough to suit the evil minds behind such religious/spiritual machinations engineered to facilitate and expunge some unconscious corrupt guilt the wider body politic senses of itself.

           If these church/religious leaders like the new media savvy and ‘enlightened’ newly elected Pope Francis and his kind ever had their 'Jesus' actually arrive back on earth one day in order to seek his ownership of 'their' control and stewardship of the Christian church's [both the catholic and protestant churches, and all of these little Jesus based churches & cult's about] with all of its accoutrement and lucre guarded jealously by these Holy-Men and women, Priests, Popes, Bishops included, all for his own personal usage, quite possibly to use for acquiring land in the best parts of the world with which to fashion a majestic home or two upon in which he might also choose to partake of various high-class whores, an assortment of vestal virgins and other fleshly pursuits- maybe like a nice collection of art and trinkets, perhaps even some nice and expensive wines / spirits/ cocaine,  maybe a little yacht or three-none of which happened to be under 60 foot in length and perhaps a little gambol here n there at various casino,                                                      

   - I feel damnably sure that the slitherer's who now watch over the various Christian church would very quickly have their 'lord Jesus' quietly hung, drawn and re-crucified before the deadly hour of dawn preferably before the sun was set.

         All to ensure that all the excessive power, glitter, gold and other largesse like the vast holdings of real estate that these churches/religions own was never lost from their controlling, greedy, insidious, tenacious and grasping hands basically.

       Jesus if he did exist was after all only an intellectual who one surely doubts would have welcomed his thoughts and actions being taken up as dogma and the made into mental slavery all for the sake of religion. He must be rolling in his long lost grave. 

Why do the religious need others to believe in their dogma, such as jesus or even god? WHY? Because they themselves do not believe it and need other intelligent-minded people to believe in a god just to help enforce their own belief in basically a deluded fantasy.Of course with the more richer dogmas like christianity they also need to have fools to belief simply so these holy men and women can retain control over the church and its vast holdings of material assets.

#Postscript- ...sad truth is in the early 90's I had my life railroaded by a powerful combination of Opus Dei, the Jesuits, Cia as well as the mafiosi who basically commanded or demanded that I take on the character of the risen Christ on behalf of Popists and the general european aristocracy who were inclined toward revising the church for a new century which they felt had been ravaged by atheists not unalike Christopher Hiitchens ! They told me in no uncertain terms that they would make my life hell on earth if i ever defied them!
I did and my life has been practically smashed ever since. .ie., reduced to impoverishment levels basically. Essentially the The rich powerful Christian Church's want me for their higher calling...oh! and more of their what hitch claims ''fakery". You have been forewarned.

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