Monday, August 17, 2015

Has RTRfm lost its EDGE?

Perth's once beloved independent radio station RTRfm is at it again i.e., all their carefully appointed radio/music announcers are again on the band-wagon [pardon the pun] telling everyone who will listen to pay up because they are all doing it for FREE. RTRfm is already tax-payer funded. So I had to write them and say....

"again guys I'm very sorry to say this but when various privileged radio announcers tell folks over radio "how they all do it freely" well, we all know this is rubbish. Okay it maybe true enough for those announcers who come in during the after midnight hours from their day jobs and play music these are doing it much more from the basis of love but of the more cushy day jobs as announcers where one MUST have the right pedigree/requirements ie., NO dysfunctional familial background, NO lower socio-economic status, MUST HAVE the right political networking connections ie feminist attitudes these WILL GENERALLY GO ON TO HAVE WELL ENUMERATED PROFESSIONS/CAREERS IN ENTERTAINMENT SECTOR because of connections. As well them and their 'mates' promote each others music and bands and political interests at the expense of the tax-payer who is unlikely to ever get a job at 'rtr-m' playing their musical interests.

RTRfm in the early days had much disparity and dysfunction and EDGE.

 Not now because it is largely under the surveillance and domination of vested interests i.e., the petty bougheosie who have very small insular mindsets and very minor first world concerns regarding two main themes & causes.
                                     -meaning "The economic interests of largely Upper-middle class Fems'" OR "the interests of Upper-middle class Lesbians & Gays." Simple fact.

 I do not hear voices from lower socio-economic suburbs as in Balga, Kensington, Rockingham, nor does one hear the voices of someone who has a job in a laundry, or as a kitchenhand, or who is from Sudan, or who is Muslim or who is even a disenfranchised white racist ex-con, rarely does one hear the voice of low socio-economic aboriginal Perth/Australia [unless this suits the agenda of some pristine white middle-class feminist cause] one usually only ever hears more educated classes of aboriginal voices. One never hears the voices of new immigrants from China/asia or elsewhere?

Never does one hear the voices of the far-right, the far-left, the filthy rich, or even the desperately impoverished and uneducated white trash. one only ever now hears from the well ensconsed well connected well networked in-crowd with the right point of view at RTR fm of late."

 And this saddens me somewhat and although I have tried telling them such things and how sorry I was for doing so they still reserve the right not to have their pure and perfect sensibilities made dissimulated by criticism. Basically they delete my comments!

"Nevertheless RTR fm has definitely lost much of its edge."

Again this is the same sort of problem with our other major independent music network Triple J. In that it has essentially been taken over  by all the 'in-crowd'. All promoting their own political agenda [gay marriage or upper middle-class feminism] at the expense of other more disparate voices, although it must be stated these will on odd occasion allow such things to happen as long as these other voices stay within the blinkers, -just to prove to its critics that, 'everything's OK at triple J heh! heh!! -HO, HO!'

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