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the australian media as an impoverished repetitive imbecilic monster




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Australian Media, the Media as an impoverished repetitive imbecilic monster [first written in may 2008 but the media are just as bad today probably because their in their final death throes]

Both the commercial and government media in this country are symptomatic of the avaricious, small-minded,mean, self-serving, shallow, ultra-capitalistic, racist, white and largely protestant mentality that has pervaded this country throughout most of the 20th-and even now in the early part of the 21st century.

You only have to witness the machinations of the local media here to see the emptiness of culture.
One section is riddled with this right-wing modern white female-centrism disguised as some virtuous new ideology for humanity when its basically not and not only the government equal opportunity regime type media like the ABC but often as not this same ideology is also inculcated itself much into commercial media too, while at the same time still being highly prone toward mysoginistic and ferociously over-commercialised tendencies [such as Murdoch's news, Packers channel 9] or they may contain a mix of this sort of feminist ideological rhetoric in with their commercial protocols for the full advantage[like Stokes' channels 7].
Its all still really just the aussie media trying to disguise its 'cultural and intellectual shallowness' with this female role-model feminism as cover for a nation that truly denigrates any sort of high intelligence.

The australian media however is acutely unaware of how irrelevant and uninvolved it is in actual fact to most reasonably intelligent minded people.
The internet is thankfully bringing them back to the ground with rather a thud and its about time too.

Finally with internet blogging many of the people that formerly controlled all the mass media within this country, ie., its Commercial & Government media including the various newspaper publications of Murdoch,fairfax-[admittedly The Financial Review is a basically good newspaper without so much of the silly use of word mantras as part of political correctness], Stokes 'West Australian Newspaper' [exemplary in its sheer stupidity and ugly tendencies to aim many of its stories at certain individuals that do not go with the script which in this case is deeply right-wing and barnett in its orientation. And again a certain unnamed individual is constantly being aimed at by editor after editor, actually most of the small insular Perth media is so-inclined] are being whittled away, their power of media control is subsiding. Who watches television anymore ?
So no longer are these media outlets the sole voices.

There are now newer more independant voices to listen to and hear and display and lay open the often insignificant under-intelligence of the formerly unimpeachable job secure dispositions of the journalistic elite and others within traditional media roles, such as -; Radio National [australia's only alternative arts/intelligencia dialogue WITH ITS JOURNALISTS THAT TRULY THINK ITS ALL ABOUT THEMSELVES and the values these attempt to instill through their suppossed unbiased reporting, Perth 'local' radio abc 720 WITH PEOPLE LIKE GEOFF HUTCHINSON THAT THINK THAT THEYRE NOT REALLY SHOCK JOCKS THEMSELVES just like his other little mates at 720 local like o'shaunessy and wolf and others, and too there's the various 6PR's about the place with their patently imbecilic sporting journalist's tendencies to harangue and try to psychologically torment again those anti-pathetic to all their politically correct rhetoric, white anglo-centric agendas and commerciality.
Phillip Adams is similar and his colleague at radio nation fran kelly is a keen promoter of this sort of clap-trap over-use of words. Channel sevens Chris Bath is an appalling user of this sort of word mantra brain-wash mentality to the point of being utterly unwatchable, as are her other politically correct ideologue-colleagues especially those on the opposite network station channel nine like liz hayes.
But those like radio nationals Walid Ali are equally depressing because these display very similar lack of integrity and intelligence and a particular penchant for toeing the line and targeting any individual who questions 'the authority' - which would bely their potential for breaking down all the nepotism and old out-dated ideological values and constraints.

This idiot mentality in the australian mass media that demeans the intelligence of its viewers by taking up certain words or 'mantras' for instance using terminology related to ones intestinal workings with which to describe current economic uncertainty's such as the way Ali Moore did on ABC Lateline business some weeks ago by suggesting to one of her interviewee's as to whether his company had fully 'digested' the full state of the economic climate of late, or the way in which various presenters and newsreaders overuse into the extreme the adjective 'young' as though repeating such a word over and over gives these some magical hold over their viewer and these will in turn witness higher ratings for their television station or something, other of these over-used mantras of recent times aimed at psycholgical fatigue of those individuals that refuse to be pandered to with all the politically correct ideology are the use of the word 'OPINION' meant to convey that only the media and those individuals that have jobs in such spheres should be alowed to register opinions.
As well an obssession with the words and phrases more lately such as 'oh how sad'- 'just an opinion'- 'ugly this, ugly that' and 'Pick' 'picking' and the word YOUNG that belies any journalistic credibility of even our suppossed most respected journalists and opinion making intellectual elites.
Listen to abc classical music radio for examples of those with high brow ideas but seriously dull-brow parroting of ideological political correctness and you could be forgiven for being under the impression that such music truly was meant for intelligent people. The female presenters on abc classic are especially pathetic examples of such mannerism's, ensuring they put stress upon certains words like OPINION-YOUNG-TALENTED-BRAVE and HEROIC with lemming-like obligation to do as they have been advised.

other examples below;

Idiotic overpaid overvalued sporting commentaters [abc ones definately included here] that do this frequently and how many times do our dumb cricketers and AFL footballers when given the chance to express their feelings in an interview go on to use similar ideological agenda orientated word mantras [brave, young, heroes, opinion, sad, talented are word mantras used without mercy], and then there's the various newsreaders, commercial network ratings addled current affairs commentators are highly prone to this sort of nonsensical use of key phrases as you'd expect them to be.

Maybe its all kind of a water torture instrument meant for certain individuals that resent being brainwashed by greedy, self-serving, manipulative over-paid, power-obssessed idiots or appreciate being regarded as sacrificial lambs for the use of religion[which would explain why one presenter is especially prone to such mannerisms ie.,geraldine doogue aiming her little psycholgical harrassment campaign at an unnamed individual for his lack of promotion of her particular religious sympathy's]. Another reason why a certain un-named individual is being so targeted by our great impeccable journalistic media is because of that persons disinclination to not go along with their agenda in other areas too like the promotion of gay marriage and refugeeism, or with the right-wing media such an individual is being harangued because of an unwillingness to go along with promotion of the new white-anglo-centricism, and with the indigenous media this individual is probably targeted because of an reluctance to promote their particular agenda. And so it goes on.

Besides this most of the media personalities that constantly over-emphasise expressions like 'YOUNG' or 'YOUTH' or 'TALENTED' or 'HEROES' are rarely if ever young or of youth themselves with many of them above or over, well over in fact the age of 25 with at best an average intelligence and a mediocre arrogance related to their own particular talent. Often as not they are well into their mid to late thirties 40's 50's 60's and have rarely moved aside for anyone other than their own mirror image, and have certainly never made way for those considered more talented, heroic, intelligent, younger, more prettier or handsome than themselves.

So as well being your typical fuckwit these could easily be referred to as hypocrits also.

Such rediculous extremes of imbecility basically because our media is full off its own self-importance and has been so long now in the hands of hangers-on and cretins and left-over spivs and much alike our big banks and telecommuncations areas [telecom] and beaurocrats have just never had to lift their act which is true for much of the Australian Arts and Literary establishments & Intellectual community in general actually.
They've been so over-regulated and protected they've become smug and by degrees inane and quite incestuous.

The Government needs to just de-regulate the australian media the way they've done everything else [except big banks and large foreign multi-nationals] Not with foreign news media were already much dominated by these and these like the BBC are also prone to this sort of stupidity sadly; -preferably by more independant news networks from within not without, as well our tele-visual media should be more truely representational of australia's real ethnic mix and not be mostly of one particular racial stereotype/grouping ie;-anglo/european and generally coming from nepotistic/insider backgrounds mostly, [blithly unaware of how these do not represent the complete mix of australia's racial identity].

Deregulation is needed within the mass media of this nation, [even with all the internet bloggers] because it is so obvious these are incapable of conducting themselves in neutral non-biased ways and that too often use their chosen field of profession as a form of power seeking tool with which to target individuals who do not weakly accept their rule.
In fact complete and utter deregulation should be the real magical word 'Mantra' when it comes to the australian media.

26/3/13- in recent times the 4-5 big boys who control 95% of australia's media [stokes, packer, fairfax, murdoch] have all used their newspapers, radio and television stations and other types of media influence in order to make their most important news story all about 'how the governments new media laws are going to make this country's media less diverse'.

That's diversity speaking for ya right there!

14/4/13-more recently one bob maumil and his side-kick mimic andrea burns have taken some cheap shots at me via their sunday appearance on radio station 6pr. I replied in kind with this though knowing full well their gutlessness it will be unlikely to ever make an appearance on their website blog, because that's how they like it they like to insult but cannot deal with a good reply back.
"So you and all your racist cronie mates at 6pr think i'm a bludger and an alcoholic do you?!
Bob Maumil if someone shook you upside down there'd be enough crap that would fall out of that big open mouth of yours to fill up all the cracks in that little automoton copy-cat mimic without an opinion of her own [because she's such a typical brainless WA pseudo-academic] 'the fake feminist andrea burns' and her even faker smile [who quietly worships the fake feminist margaret thatcher like she's jesus reborn].
Why would'nt you offer up your big capitalist mansion to those you purport to sympathise with ie all these economic seeking boat-people? Because your all fart and fake-thats why my friend. Your all rhetoric & bull-dust.
Bob Maumil you've got too many business connections and involvement with too many old and fairly corrupt ethnic groups as well the labor old 60's style political alliances to ever have a really truthful and honest opinion about anything.

Bobby baby when you ever really do exhibit an honest unbiased and intelligent opinion you too will probably wind up economically and politically and career wise- finished and blacklisted by this stupid ignorant fascist town and country that absolutely cannot deal with individuals with an intelligent opinion that does not suit the purposes and the agenda of all those people just like yourself 'my fake socialist-communist friend' and all the capitalist 'mates' you mix with and do well by. 
So stop taking shots at me because its not only dishonest but its cowardly especially when you must know full well i have been absolutely stopped from ever seeking an reply back to those like you because of my views which they usually adopt later on but continue to make my life intolerable. Now f-off and pick on someone else that actually has the right of reply. You DO NOT HAVE MY INTELLIGENCE OR MY LIFE EXPERIENCE that gives you the right to TAKE CHEAP SHOTS!

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